Painful TV Ads

We’ve all seen them, those ads that are just painful to watch.  I saw an ad tonight that makes you understand why some people are on TV and others are in Radio.  The TV person in the ad is completely natural and relaxed.  Looks calm, comfortable and attentive.  The radio person makes every motion look like it’s an effort and keeps bouncing her head between the camera and the tv guy.

Now I understand that if you spend all day in front of a camera, you get very comfortable doing that.  The radio person can probably talk through anything. The problem for me comes from the fact that by putting someone like that on TV trying to fake being natural, they destroy the commercial.  I can’t remember what the commercial was for but am still pained by how bad the acting is.

At this point I think that anyone who could put together a group(maybe 15) of good actors with camera’s and a decent editing setup could come in and take over a tremendous chunk of the local advertising production market.