Galleries Relocated onto the main domain

Tagless Galleries are now located on the primary host for and not on the old galleries subdomain.  I was working with lots of different thing back when I first setup the galleries so things were changing rapidly.  This led me to keep them off the main site.  Now that I’ve been running the same stuff for over a year,  I’m willing to bring the galleries site back where it should be so that analytics works fine.

Pool light repair pictures uploaded

Water Running out the lightThe pictures from fixing the pool light are now online in the Pool Light Fix Gallery. One more reason to be careful with the advice you get from so called professionals in the field. All said the project cost me about 150 in concrete, rentals, and tools. The quote to have it repaired was $950. The time was significant on this project. I cut into the concrete Friday at 5pm and worked till 9pm Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday to have the hole filled with dirt. After a few days to dry out and settle, I poured the concrete Wednesday morning.

A break from the Winter

We finally got a break from the ultra cold weather that Medford has been experiencing this weekend.  Sunday the temperature made it to 46 and today was 48.  With Sun out yesterday I cracked the pool ice just to see what was there.  I had tried to step on it the other day and it still wasn’t quite strong enough.  It was around two inches thick.  Check out the pictures of the pool ice.