Great Images from the Photo Library

When trying to create a new club, finding photos to post can be a challenge.  Thankfully, Toastmasters has many photos available at If you grab the low resolution packs though, there are a ton of pictures and they don’t always look great when you try and use them for publicity.  Once you download the club meetings, networking,  and conference packs, here are my favorites for publicity of a new club

Best Cover Photos for Facebook Pages

  • 1_ClubMeetings.jpg  Shows the TM Logo and the Profile photo covers up the club name on the banner image.
  • 20_ClubMeetings.jpg The graphic in the back is very dilbertish but still is a great reminder that business people can get great practice making presentations.
  • 15_ClubMeetings.jpg  This appears to be a humorous moment,  Though the branding won’t be on the cover, it is still a great photo.

Photos for General Use

  • 11_Networking.jpg I love that this isn’t at a meeting but in a park.  It grabs attention and focuses it on the Confidence brochure.
  • 30_ClubMeeting.jpg People love receiving awards.  Make sure to post this one with information about the Toastmasters educational achievements.
  • 6_ClubMeetings.jpg This is pretty simple with a visible branded lectern.
  • 2_ClubMeetings.jpg The woman doesn’t look quite comfortable at the podium.  Hopefully this will help potential members connect with the idea you aren’t expected to come in and be perfect on day 1.

Be careful which images you chose since some have New Jersey very visible on the club banner.  It’s a shame that they didn’t get the pictures done without a city/state on the banner so that they were even more usable.  These are still a great resources though so don’t miss them!