If you haven’t noticed yet, all the images in these articles are linked to the full size images if you click on them.  This page is the reason more than any other.  Orlando has a weather pattern that is crazy.  Every afternoon, a storm rolled in and created some beautiful sunsets/cloud patterns for us to enjoy between events.  Every time I walked by the patio there were people out there taking pictures or at least trying to capture the view.

It’s a hard shot to capture.  The light is very intense behind the clouds and capturing the rest of the shot without blowing out the clouds is the challenge.  One of the skills that I picked up from having a DSLR camera was working the focal point instead of  just centering on your subject and taking the shot.

The same technique applies here.  Focus on the clouds to get the light metering right and then move the camera to setup the shot that I wanted. These shots were all taken from a balcony outside of the rooms that the convention was being hosted in.

This shot is one of the best ones that I took.  Earlier in the week, I posted about getting a camera overnight shipped from amazon.  Two images on this page were taken with my black berry over the brand new cannon and both shots came out amazing.

The clouds were different each night and the shadow outlines on the trees really made these shots pop.  It took a few tries to get each of these shots but they were worth the effort.

None of these shots have been retouched other than to reduce the size of the original down to between 20 and 25 percent.  When I was given the DSLR I mentioned above and started reading about it, one of the points made was that a DSLR isn’t significantly more capable than a point and shoot camera. It just provides quick access to all the settings that are buried on other cameras that are required to take those special shots.

I even happened to end up outside one night right at the magic minute of light where everything is a perfect balance of light between all the natural light and the artificial light that is being added.   I was really surprised with how well that shot turned out without modifying any settings on the camera.
I looked at the shots before and after it and none of them looked that good.  That was the perfect time for that shot on that night.

The D4 trio was outside trying to get a picture of them in the sunset one night when I came out to chat with Rose.   This is the shot that I attribute most to luck since the focus point has to be up front while the light has to be from the background with a forced flash.

This was an amazing event.  I encourage every member of our organization to set a goal of attending the international convention.  Meeting people from around the world who share the same goals of personal growth is an incredible feeling.  Being in the audience watching your districts representative compete is an incredible sensation.  Watching him win the whole thing is a step beyond.