District Leader Training

The real reason we were in Orlando was for District leader Training.  District Leader training kicks off the week when Trios from all over world gathered with WHQ staff, Board members, and Regional Advisers all gather together in the hotel for two solid days of training.

The pace of the training was intense.  Day 1 we started with breakfast at 7am.  I walked into the room and randomly chose a table to start meeting people. I wanted to network with as many people as I possibly could.  Connecting with others to find out what they were trying in their home districts.  It surprised me how many groups sat together as a team.  I was expecting to see everyone spread out like I did but many stayed together.

After breakfast, we had our first event.  The room was setup for districts to be sitting together with their regions.  There was a Toastmasters wifi network but no one knew the password when we first arrived.  Thankfully tethering to the phone allowed for profuse note taking in google docs.

Daniel Rex took to the stage to talk about everything that was going on.  The progress that is being made at the organization and the focus on the club experience for our members.  One thing he said that really resonated was

Leaders stand for values, their values, and the values of toastmasters international. Make the decision beforehand that you will stand for your values

The rest of the leadership team was introduced.  After several more welcomes, we were moved into our first breakout groups.  Our first group discussion was all about club quality. Vera Johnson DTM the regional adviser for region 6 led us in the discussion.  We made it through about two thirds of the planned material but had a great discussion on the moments of truth.  The purpose was to highlight the connection between the moments of truth, success at the Distinguished Club Program, and a great membership experience.

The day continued with a discussion our trio’s team dynamic, lunch, the strategic plan, and finally round tables (birds of a feather sessions).   We wrapped up the official day of training and then