Who Can Provide Club Officer Training?

From a member:
I have DTM’s in the club, who maintain that any of them could train the club’s officers.  Does District 7 recognizes training by DTM’s?

I personally prefer training from the District for its completeness, comradery, and the sense of toastmasters being larger than our club.  We have contact from our Division Governor about makeup training in the works.  How do I respond to my DTM’s?

Members who have achieved their DTM are an invaluable source of information and guidance.  However, the DTM award does not mean that they on their own can provide training for DCP credit. From the distinguished club program ” Officers must attend and fully participate in two district-sponsored training sessions as described below” and “Officers must be trained by authorized district representatives in a live training session”.  Experienced club members can provide information and guidance to newer officers but that does not meet the requirement of being an authorized district representative (One of the governors).  It would also fail the first point above

Now if the area governor is a member of your club and has achieved their DTM, they would be able to provide club officer training, however it would be by acting as the area governor and not just as a Distinguished Toastmaster.