Emails Emails Emails

Wow, Talk about a tidal wave, all the sudden, it is emails everywhere.  When I got last night, I opened a reply to each email that I needed to respond to.  It took me all night to get through them all.  I had more to send tonight and am just wrapping those up at 5 after midnight.

One thing about a flat organization is that each step up is an order of magnitude beyond what you’ve previously experienced.  In this case, I’ve been both an area governor and ran several conferences.  Each of those consisted of being in charge of around 50 people.  This position is a huge step over that.  I’ve been in touch with hundreds of people via facebook and even more directly coordinating registration, speakers, materials, etc.

The change is incredible and empowering.  I’m now in the position to make things happen and not feel the need to get approval.  It’s my official job now to make these things happen and I’m loving that.