First Event Done

Toastmasters Leadership Institute is in the books.  I’ve got a ton of follow up on specific details and information to provide the governors now.

The event was a great success.  There was room for improvement and many lessons learned.  Time for a day off and then onto the July 14th networking event.

Key theme, more volunteers and teams reduces the work that I have to do and my time is now all taken at the events being the face of D7 to the members.  Teams and volunteers are going to be required for all aspects and I need to just make sure they have it planned as best as possible

Make it easy for people to help

For the past three years, one goal of mine has always been to figure out a way to get more people interested in speaking.  Toastmaster districts have a large number of events where people can get up and speak to a larger audience than they get at the club level.  It has always been a challenge to get people to step forward though.

Those who are already comfortable are more than willing to step up  and those who aren’t won’t jump at the chance.  For Toastmasters Leadership Institute, I tried something new.  I included an option on the form asking if people were interested in speaking at the event.  I received better response to that question than I have from any other method and it will be on every form.

While people may not search out being a speaker, there are definitely members who are interested and if you can get the question in front of them, they will step up.

Emails Emails Emails

Wow, Talk about a tidal wave, all the sudden, it is emails everywhere.  When I got last night, I opened a reply to each email that I needed to respond to.  It took me all night to get through them all.  I had more to send tonight and am just wrapping those up at 5 after midnight.

One thing about a flat organization is that each step up is an order of magnitude beyond what you’ve previously experienced.  In this case, I’ve been both an area governor and ran several conferences.  Each of those consisted of being in charge of around 50 people.  This position is a huge step over that.  I’ve been in touch with hundreds of people via facebook and even more directly coordinating registration, speakers, materials, etc.

The change is incredible and empowering.  I’m now in the position to make things happen and not feel the need to get approval.  It’s my official job now to make these things happen and I’m loving that.