A break from the Winter

We finally got a break from the ultra cold weather that Medford has been experiencing this weekend.  Sunday the temperature made it to 46 and today was 48.  With Sun out yesterday I cracked the pool ice just to see what was there.  I had tried to step on it the other day and it still wasn’t quite strong enough.  It was around two inches thick.  Check out the pictures of the pool ice.

Lots of Gallery Updates

With the snow in Medford tonight, this is a great opportunity to post a backlog of images to the galleries.

Animals came first. A few new images of Mateo on Page 2 having fun in the snow. Next are Pictures of Stella the Schmitten. She’s the newest addition to the Family. Someday we’ll get a picture with all four animals in one spot.

Next was pictures of the Cold weather and Snow Storm in Medford Oregon. A neighbor had a broken spigot yesterday that had to be fixed.
The last stuff is random pictures. I found some old ones from Oscon 2002. I added a Random Buildings section with a great BK resteraunt to start it off.

I’ve still got more to fix but it’s time to call it a night.