Patio Update

I’ve posted pictures from the Patio remodel in the Home Improvement Gallery finally.  The pictures are actually behind by a bit.  I’ve got most of the electrical conduit in place now. The only part of the exterior conduit left is to punch the conduit into the box with a 3/4 inch hole.  The interior stuff for the garage is still left as well as wiring the new lights under the patio.  Lots to do, but the improvement is already noticeable.  The new patio doesn’t leak.  That’s huge.  the old patio cover would leak back down the side of the house and even into the garage.  The new roof hasn’t leaked either, but that’s a bit more of the normal.

Painful TV Ads

We’ve all seen them, those ads that are just painful to watch.  I saw an ad tonight that makes you understand why some people are on TV and others are in Radio.  The TV person in the ad is completely natural and relaxed.  Looks calm, comfortable and attentive.  The radio person makes every motion look like it’s an effort and keeps bouncing her head between the camera and the tv guy.

Now I understand that if you spend all day in front of a camera, you get very comfortable doing that.  The radio person can probably talk through anything. The problem for me comes from the fact that by putting someone like that on TV trying to fake being natural, they destroy the commercial.  I can’t remember what the commercial was for but am still pained by how bad the acting is.

At this point I think that anyone who could put together a group(maybe 15) of good actors with camera’s and a decent editing setup could come in and take over a tremendous chunk of the local advertising production market.

Firewood for the Season

My brother, a friend and I pulled out about a cord of firewood in three hours this morning.  An hour of driving on each side and about 45 minutes to stack it all up at my brother’s house and he’s got firewood for the season.  Not bad for an $11 BLM permit to cut the wood and gas to/from.

Busy Day

Wow,  The trifecta today.  HomeBrew, Home Improvement, and major BBQ.  I got the elevation added to the patio.  I added 3 and a half inches of height on the outside support.  Not the easiest thing to do and would have been so much easier with larger jacks and an extra set of hands.  It looks good though.  I’ll posts specific pictures showing the jacks in the gallery once I’m done.

Before I got to that, I brewed beer with a friend today.  5 Gallons of Black Hills Porter.   Finished up about 3pm and it’s sitting behind me as I type just starting to bubble away.  3 months down the road I’ll get to try it.   The whole time we were brewing, I had the first set of three packs of 4 sides of ribs.

The ribs are full length beef short ribs.  These things are huge. 3 ribs = 10 pounds raw.  This is the second attempt at cooking the ribs.  The first time I undercooked them and didn’t catch the temp right at the bone.  The meat was still slightly bloody.

This time I got the meat all the way cooked, but didn’t have it at temperature long enough.  Close but not quite. I put two of the four sides into the oven to finish them off, 10 hours of cooking and they turned out really well.

So a busy day, lots done